Katalysis is a management consultancy that specialises in information and technology. As the name implies, Katalysis often works as a catalyst to help ‘get things done’, focusing on the practical issues that will lead to project success, and overcoming barriers. It was founded in 1997 and works with a large network of senior, specialist consultants.

Hugh Neffendorf
Hugh Neffendorf is the founder and Managing Director of Katalysis. Prior to 1997, Hugh was Managing Director of MVA Systematica, a prominent consultancy in software and information management. He is also Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton, Department of Geography and a member of the UK Government's Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information.

Hugh is well known for his work in geographic information, demographics, official statistics, social research surveys, IT and mathematical modelling. His range of experience is unusually broad, allowing a comprehensive appreciation of the needs of complex projects. In addition to a sound technical and business grasp, he usually leads projects, involving expert teams.

Katalysis is very well known for developing creative initiatives and for forging and motivating partnerships.
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